Thursday, 2 November 2017

As the door slammed i knew he was here. He banged his books on the table
"Ready?" asked the man. He was tall with long brown hair wearing pants and a Te shirt           
"Are you the agent? " I asked
"Yes "said the man.
We started taking and suddenly someone knocked at the door. I opened it no one was there after a while the agent left they knocked again "Who's there?" I asked
meow there were 10 kittens in a box at the door.

discovery of Fred

On October 30th  2017 Fred was discovered by Gary that was walking past sea lake he rang the police  he was upside down fishing for Eels. Fred was pulled out and taken to the hospital. police think he was pulled in by a snake. On the 31 police found a died snake on Fred's fishing line at the bottom of the lake barred in the mad . Witch might have been the snake that pulled him in. for more information go to our website Fred co.NZ

Wednesday, 2 August 2017


We have been leaning about injustices.

We did a slide show about Women Voting. I found out  that the first country to vote was New Zealand.  In Saudi Arabia women still cant vote.